MacRae Rare Coin & Currency
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MacRae Rare Coin and Currency

Thank you for visiting our web site.  We are here to serve.  Experienced, Professional, Discreet...and Polite!  Specializing in coin collections and estates.  Locations in Winston-Salem and Boone.

How we differ from other dealers:

Care and consideration… We will set a private appointment and review all of your items with you. We will take ample time and care to do this, and you are welcome to take notes.

A focus on coins and currency… We are not a "We Buy Gold" outfit or a business that does many other things and then also "buys coins".  We know coins and currency.  Period.

No secrets here… We will let you know how much a reputable dealer would pay, the dealer’s expected selling price, and the approximate amount of time it would take for the dealer to resell. 

No pressure either... We are not “wheeler dealer” types, and we will not pressure you to sell your coins to us.  We will tailor our advice to each client's specific goals, which may mean selling, but may mean holding, or perhaps selling some items and holding others.

Privacy… There will be no “random strangers” entering and leaving during your appointment. These are your coins, and there is no need for spectators.

Will travel… Sometimes it is impractical to meet at our shop or our office, and we are happy to travel depending on the situation.


An informed client is our best client. If you are in a frantic hurry and simply want “Cash Cash Cash! Now Now Now!”, we’re probably not the right dealer for you.

Making an appointment is easy. Just give us a call or send us a message using the form below. Thanks!

Triad office phone: (336) 497-1886
Boone shop phone: (828) 355-9311